About us

We are sisters Andrea and Vanessa, 15 and 24 years old and we are a pair of young and entrepreneurial ladies. We have been working very hard and finally we feel very proud to sell our own skin care and hair care products line called "Vidaña," which is our Hispanic last name. We live in Las Vegas, Nevada and we are proud Mexican-Americans.  

We’ve always dreamed with our own skin care and hair care line products, we have been working for almost 3 years and our Father, Jose Vidaña who has more than 30 years of experience in the health and beauty field, has taught us everything that we know. Also we have been working with him in his company called Botanic Beauty Products, Inc.

Before we launched our products we were working on many details, reading and studying everything related with cosmetology because we love everything about skin and hair care.

As we always say, our products are done from scratch by us. We design, test, manufacture, bottle, test again, and if we love it, then we make it available for the public to use. We are very successful and we are happy for all the accomplishments we have done together. Also, we would like to share our story to inspire more young people to pursue their dreams as we have been doing.

A perfect example of what Vidaña Beauty skin care line can do for your skin is our mom. She is not only an inspiration for us but always looks gorgeous. Like she always says,  "Enhance your beauty naturally". And we think she's right. 

Our very best to you all,